Zest Giving Back

Christmas is about family, friends, tinsel and baubles, but most importantly: giving back. So in the spirit of giving without receiving, join us this Christmas for the chance to nominate someone / or an organisation you think is deserving to win a kitchen technology makeover with the Zest Giving Back competition. Find out more below.

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Zest Giving Back Competition.

For the memory makers, the dream chasers, the mould breakers, and future shapers, for the kind, and the caring, the brave and the daring, we want to give back this year. So this winter, join us for the chance to nominate someone, or an organization you feel is deserving to win a kitchen technology makeover with Zest.

1. Choose Someone to Nominate

Choose someone close to you to nominate to win the prize.

2. Enter Your Details

Pop your details into the form on this page (your own details, not the person you’re nominating).

3. Use #ZestGivingBack

Post on social media using the #ZestGivingBack to help your chances in the competition.

4. Winners Announced

Winners announced on January 5th and contacted to let the nominee know they’ve won. Good luck!