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Many companies refuse to cover appliances over a certain age, and to make it worse, they don't deliver dependable service when they do cover your items. With Zest, there's no limit to how old your appliances need to be to get cover, and our policy is far better value for money too. Take a look at why below.


Do you have an old fridge freezer or washing machine that’s maturing like a fine wine? Were they expensive to buy and do they still potentially have many years of useful life ahead of them? Are you aware that most of our competitors cancel your policy once your insured items reach a certain age? Either that or they might continue to cover you but with depreciating pay-outs.

As a company, we don’t discriminate by your products’ age – in fact, we don’t even ask for the age when you take out your insurance!

Forming a bond of trust with customers is impossible for companies who hold you accountable for the age of your equipment. However, we’ve developed a product range that’s intended to turn the negative views so many consumers have of the industry, into positive ones. Our transparency goes a long way to achieving this; with a no loopholeno excess and no hidden charges policy, we assure maximum peace of mind and confidence in what we believe to be the most comprehensive protection service within the industry.

15 years of prioritising simplicity and convenience for our customers is starting to pay off. These rewards come in the evidence of our excellent reviews on Trustpilot. We create policies that install our company values, which in turn gives our customers trust from the outset.

– We’ll never cancel your policy based on the items reaching a specific age

– We’ll never change the level of protection based on the item getting older

– We’ll replace your item or provide you with the monetary equivalent if your item is beyond economical repair

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