Very soon this page will be filled with all sorts of useful essentials that you can use in tandem with our expert advice to keep your electrical goods and appliances in tip top shape. From keyboard dusters to dishwasher rinse aid, we’ll have it. Watch this space!


In the electrical essentials section of the shop, there will be items such as screen cleaner, disc cleaner, essential wires like USB cables, and more.


In the appliance essentials section of the shop, we will help you out with your supplies such as dishwasher cleaner, tablets, fabric softener, and more. Keep your house running smoothly 24/7.


Here will be items you can buy that are useful and essential, but don’t necessarily fit into the two other categories. Zest accessories like beautifully illustrated calendars, clothes, and even portable phone chargers!

all of your home technology upkeep essentials...

all under the same zesty roof. How refreshing!

coming soon!

At Zest, we do not just want to cover your items from afar, we want to equip you with the tools to give your appliances and electrical goods the longest life possible. This is the thinking behind zest.essentials, you will be able to get all your appliance and electrical upkeep products in the same place you manage your policies.