our story.

Our company history is an interesting one for sure. With twists, turns and reinvention, we think we are living proof you can be and do anything if you set your mind to it. Including disrupt the insurance industry…

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where we are...

In 2020, we’ve fleshed out the membership product to bring to you an entirely commitment free way of keeping your products in top shape. We’ve put off serious growth over the last two years to focus on bringing you better products and better service. We’ve managed to not shrink and endure a pandemic, we’ve driven reviews online for the first time ever and were dipping our toe into the digital landscape for the first time ever.

Next year has some exciting twists and turns and we can’t wait to share it with you. For now though; how did we get here? 


how did we get here?

In Late 2006 during the insurance boom, two regular guys, Tim and Tom, decided they could improve on the service being offered by satellite insurance providers at the time. They vowed to change the industry. This led to the set up of Satellite Repair Services Ltd in beautiful, beachy Bournemouth. 

Realising the need to do things the right way, we became one of the first satellite breakdown providers to be regulated by the FCA. A year went by and by 2010, our company blossomed and we saw the opening of a new call centre in Southampton. That’s where we began to offer breakdown and accidental damage cover on televisions too. 

In 2011  under a new lease of life with fresh products under our belt and an expanded service, we changed our name to Home Appliance Guard Ltd.

Knowing the importance of a fully functional kitchen environment, we started covering kitchen appliances in 2014.