Your Zest Home Documents

Below you’ll find handy downloadable content such as your Zest Home Brochure and other useful pieces of information about your membership. So don’t worry if you ever lose or misplace your paperwork, because you can always find the information here!

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About your no-fee membership.

As one of the UK’s leading home appliance and technology support companies, Zest is here to look after you, whenever you need us! With your no-fee Zest Home membership, you can now access a variety of complementary and payable services that you can truly depend on. We encourage you to download and read the brochure provided below to find out more about what you can access and how to use our services.

How we use your data.

Rest assured, here at Zest we protect all our customers’ data. We use your data for your membership and any other associated products or marketing purposes. We may contact you by post or email when keeping you up to date with things such as our newsletters or perhaps by telephone for anything else we think you might be interested in. So you can relax knowing we’ll always be looking out for you! If you don’t want to receive certain communications from us, feel free to call us on 0800 799 9999 or email

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Request New Documents.


We suggest you keep a copy of your documents handy should you ever need to review them. But, here is where you can request new ones to be sent directly to you if you may have lost them or need some updated ones! Just fill out the form below and we’ll get them out to you ASAP.

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