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Keep your appliances protected under one roof with Zest multi-appliance insurance. Save masses on your domestic appliance and home technology insurance when you bundle your items together - the bigger the bundle, the bigger the savings. Find out more about multi-appliance insurance with Zest below.

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save up to 40% on your insurance with our multi-appliance cover!*

At Zest, we know just how difficult it can be when all of your appliances and technology are of different ages, some are covered and some aren’t. It’s hard to keep track of all of this especially when you’re covered by multiple companies. Our multi appliance cover takes away all that hassle. You can insure whatever working appliances you have, make huge savings that only get bigger as you add items to your policy, and have it all protected under one roof with a company you can trust. Check out examples of potential bundle savings below.

1 item (no bundle)

no discount.

£7.90 / month**

3 items

21% discount.

£23.70 / month
£18.70 / month**

7 items

40% discount.

£55.30 / month
£32.80 / month**

what’s better about our multi-appliance insurance?

huge savings.

Our multi appliance insurance policies actually increase the amount you save the more items you have in your policy. Up to 40% in fact. To really take advantage, cover all your most important appliances in one bundle. To find out about the benefits the cover can give you, take a look at our competitor comparison table below.


protected under one roof.

It’s much simpler to have all your appliances covered with one company that you can trust to serve you well. Only have to deal with one renewal letter for your policy and then all your appliances are sorted. All the hassle of communicating with multiple companies can be put to rest with Zest.

flexible options.

At Zest we cover any age, or make of appliance, meaning whatever you have, we’re giving you the option to leave that frantic world of warranty confusion, and bundle the appliances you’d like to cover together. Look after the tech you love from one place. How refreshing.

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*Discounts of up to 43% for 8+ item bundles.
**Prices may vary, and select premium items may be treated as 2 items instead of 1.