your zest home membership

Your Zest Home Membership is a new and different solution for all the technology in your home. From your washing machine to your TV, look after everything under one roof with a convenient membership. Advice, discounts, content, and prizes, and a new level of service; all available in your Zest Home Membership.

your membership provides an innovative new solution to look after all of your home tech, starting at no cost.

Your membership allows you to try some of our wonderful services before you go ahead and commit to buying insurance. Also, if you prefer the format of the membership, you’ll soon be able to upgrade to a premium membership plan with even more benefits and control over your domestic appliances and home technology. Watch this space for that announcement! This is your opportunity to build a relationship with the company before you even buy anything. See below for a list of the key benefits you can look forward to enjoying with your free Zest Home Membership.

what’s included in your zest home membership?

  • Bi-annual newsletter;
  • Membership brochure;
  • Benefit reminders;
  • Unlimited tech support;
  • Fault diagnosis;
  • Access to our services;
  • Seasonal and regular offers all year round.

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