thinking of leaving?

So you're thinking of leaving? Well before you go, we encourage you to think about where else you'd go, the inferior service you'd get at other places, and the lack of protection you'd have if you left your items with no cover. We've laid it all out simply below, and to be as transparent as possible, we've put it in a competitor analysis table for you to judge yourself...

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3 big reasons to stay...

We don’t want you to leave! We believe you’d be better off in many ways if you stayed with us. Whether you’re thinking about switching to another company or cancelling altogether, we know you’d be losing out on a fantastic service. We implore you to have a read of this page and the table we have compiled, see what we offer in comparison – We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

No Depreciation.

With us, your items don’t depreciate. When your item starts to age we can replace it with a similar item. So don’t worry about losing value as your policy ages, as you would elsewhere.

Free Warranty.

As a policy holder, you’re a Zest Home Member. This means if you buy a new appliance, you can have 2 years of Zest Protect at no cost whatsoever. Still want to switch?

No Discrimination.

We don’t discriminate on age, make or model. Cover whatever item you like with us. Our flexibility is unmatched.

who else but zest?

How do I cancel?

It’s a shame you still want to cancel – but give us a call on 0800 888 6666 and we’ll sort it.

How long will my cancellation take?

This can vary on the size of your policy and how many details need to be wiped off of the system, but it shouldn’t take longer than a day for your policy to be cancelled.

Can I change my mind and reactivate if I cancel?

No. There is no way to freeze your policy, we can cancel and you can open up a new one, but if you cancel, it is irreversible.

Can I cancel online?

We are working hard to ensure you can do more and more with Zest from the comfort of your living room, but for now, you must give us a call to cancel your policy!

Does it cost anything to cancel?

It doesn’t cost anything to cancel your policy.


* The information in the table on other companies above is sourced directly from their respective websites, providing general terms & conditions that are correct at the time of publishing and may not exactly reflect your own policy terms & conditions or policy schedules. For more information about your own terms of service, please contact your provider directly, or call us at no cost on 0800 888 6666 to speak with one of our dedicated advisors. Please also take note that contents insurance is commonly recommended to have in place to ensure you are protected against unlikely eventualities such as fire, theft, flood damage, storm damage, and other similar circumstances. 

**This may include, but is not limited to payable add-ons, excess charges, and other financial contributions.