Make a change to my policy

Fill out our form below to amend any details on your Zest policy.

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Please use the form below to update any personal information on your policy. This includes changes to your name, phone number, email address or postal address.

You can also use this form for other changes relating to items on your policy and any accessibility requests.

What changes can I make?

You could update permissions, update your Zest Kitchen Drawer details (item and insurance details), or update your contact details here.

How long does it take for my changes to be logged?

Not long at all! Once you change them, they should be logged into the system within an hour. (This may be dependent on business).

Does it cost me to make a change?

Absolutely not. In fact it may actually save you money or time if anything, improving our ability to look after your membership with your details.

Who else gets to see my data?

Nobody, we won’t sell your data in any circumstances.

We won’t let anyone see it unless they need to get to you for a job or contact.

Do these effect the price increase on renewal?

Our renewal prices are always thought through very thoroughly each year. Being utterly transparent – we find ways to improve the cover and service you’re getting on as many fronts as we can. This makes sure that when your price inevitably increases, you’ve got some tangible improvement to justify it.

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