get in touch and book a repair from just £75

Get in touch with us to book a repair and we’ll normally be with you within 48 hours! Or, if you need us to come at a specific time or day, let us know and we can work around your schedule. Give us the time of day you’d like to be called back, and we’ll be in touch shortly.


what do our customers think of our repair service?

Will it take long to get out to me?

We do our best to be with you in under 48 hours, and in situations where you need us to work around you, we’ll schedule a specific time and come then.

How much is the call-out fee?

The standard call-out fee is £65. With a fixed price repair, this is the only portion of your £145 payment that won’t be refunded. With a PAYG payment option you’ll not be refunded any of your payment, but will only pay £75.

Can I arrange evening call outs?

Yes! If the evening is easier for you, just let us know.

Can I have some more information on repairs?

Yes, take a read of our Appliance Repair page to learn more about our appliance repair page.

What is BER?

Beyond Economical Repair is when we cannot fix an item without losing money. In these cases we would find a replacement for you than spend valuable time and money fixing a dead appliance!