Speaker & Sound System Insurance

Speakers bring us music, music makes us happy, brings us together, and give us memories, so naturally, you’ll want your speakers to have the best sound system insurance possible. If they break, we can always come out and fix them or replace them, and that goes for all types of speakers. Zest speaker & sound system insurance.

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Get the Most Comprehensive Speaker & Sound System Insurance on the Market!

what’s included in your speaker & sound system cover?
  • Unlimited claims
  • No loopholes
  • No age limit reduction
  • No excess or hidden charges
  • Cover any age appliance (in good working order)
  • Accidental damage
  • Breakdown cover

speaker & sound system insurance

Whether you have a stereo set, studio monitors, or a surround sound entertainment system, Zest can insure your speakers and have the knowledge to fix them. You could have an overheated voice coil, the cone structure could be broken, there’s so many things that could go wrong. That’s why with Zest speaker insurance, our team of expert engineers with years of experience is there to help you when your speakers break. The best thing is – there is no limit to claims, and no loopholes in our policies, so what you see is what you get. Below, we’ve got some more reasons why we trump our competitors.

 Here at Zest we go as far as to cover accidental damage and breakdowns on your speakers, for unlimited amounts of claims, and all the while we charge no excess or hidden fees! We know that whatever sound system you have, they can break down easily – They’re so expensive to buy new, and there is a multitude of common faults. So having one UK based company you can trust to fix it quickly or get you a perfect replacement is key to your peace of mind. With no loopholes in our policies – you know what you’ll get from us when you take out oven insurance with Zest.


more reasons to choose zest for your speaker & sound system breakdown insurance

no loopholes

You won’t have to pay any sneaky charges or worry about any hidden loopholes with Zest. You know exactly what you’re paying for accidental damage insurance on your speakers & sound system, and we’re totally transparent when it’s time to renew.

friendly helpdesk

 Our helpdesk can help you with your speaker & sound system insurance over the phone or even other tasks unrelated – we’re here to help. And we have our UK based friendly call centre too!

any age appliance

We do not discriminate on the age of the appliance, if you have a 10-year-old speaker or sound system in good working order – you can insure it with us.

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