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You might play on your own, you might play with family, or you might play with friends. if your Xbox or Playstation were to get red rings of death, or yellow light of death, or just breakdown completely, you’d need someone you know would be able to fix it or replace it in a flash for you. We don’t want to hold up your virtual adventures, so protect your console with console insurance by Zest.

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what’s included in your game console cover?
  • Unlimited claims
  • No loopholes
  • No age limit reduction
  • No excess or hidden charges
  • Cover any age appliance (in good working order)
  • Accidental damage
  • Breakdown cover

game console insurance

In the last year our Xbox’s, Playstation’s, Nintendo Switch consoles and lots more have helped us have fun while stuck indoors, helped us  keep in contact with the our friends and escape the recent state of the world, giving us good memories in a globally testing time for everyone. Games consoles bring people together whether its family or friends. A breakdown would bring all that to an end. This is why Console insurance/cover is entirely worth investing in – so you can continue to have hilarious, peaceful evenings with the people you love, playing the games you love.

With Zest, we’ll make sure you always have that time for you & your life, we know how important that ‘me time’ is. Here’s why – compared to our competitors – we have written those intentions right into our policies. Take a look below:

We know that Consoles can break or break down easily, with things like TYLOD (The Yellow Light of Death) on Playstation and TRROD (Red Rings of
Death) on Xbox, and other unexplained breakdowns. That’s why we go as far as to cover accidental damage and breakdowns, for unlimited amounts of claims. Your child could break the disc port, it could fall off the its stand or shelf, or even just break down on its own. They’re so expensive to buy new too, especially now there’s a major shortage of new consoles!Sso having someone you can either trust to fix it quickly or get you a perfect replacement of the same price range as your old console. With no loopholes in our policies – you know what you’ll get from us when you take out Games console insurance with Zest.


more reasons to choose zest for your game console insurance

no loopholes

You won’t have to pay any sneaky charges or worry about any hidden loopholes with Zest. You know exactly what you’re paying for accidental damage insurance on your game console, and we’re totally transparent when it’s time to renew.

friendly helpdesk

 Our helpdesk can help you with your game console insurance over the phone or even other tasks unrelated – we’re here to help. And we have our UK based friendly call centre too!

any age appliance

We do not discriminate on the age of the appliance, if you have a 10-year-old game console in good working order – you can insure it with us.

what do our customers think of our appliance breakdown cover?

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