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A working freezer allows you to keep so much more food and plan far ahead, so you always want your freezer in tip-top condition. This is why our freezer insurance keeps your freezer in top shape, ready for whenever you need it. Find out more about Zest freezer insurance below.

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what’s included in your freezer cover?
  • Unlimited claims
  • No loopholes
  • No age limit reduction
  • No excess or hidden charges
  • Cover any age appliance (in good working order)
  • Accidental damage
  • Breakdown cover

freezer insurance

I think we can all agree that freezers are an essential appliance. They let us store food and plan ahead. So when one goes wrong, it can take out a full weeks shop if it isn’t fixed quickly! But do they break down? Can a freezer break? The answer is yes, they can be too cold and freeze over so you can’t get to your food, they can end up making lots fo noise for many internal reasons, and it could freezer burn your food, to name a few common faults. This is why you want a company that understands that dire need and looks to service you as quickly as possible, with the most friendly Zest approved engineers. Check out the comparison table below to see how we do against some of our most established competitors.


 Here at Zest we go as far as to cover your freezer for accidental damage and breakdowns, and there isn’t a limit to the claims you can make. We know your freezer can freeze over, can become too cold, or make lots of noise for some internal issue. Breakdowns are always inconvenient, freezers are so expensive to buy new too, so having one company you can trust to fix it quickly or get you a perfect replacement is an important corner stone in making sure your home is run smoothly. With no loopholes in our policies – you know what you’ll get from us when you take out freezer insurance with Zest.


more reasons to choose zest for your freezer breakdown insurance

no loopholes

You won’t have to pay any sneaky charges or worry about any hidden loopholes with Zest. You know exactly what you’re paying for accidental damage insurance on your freezer, and we’re totally transparent when it’s time to renew.

friendly helpdesk

 Our helpdesk can help you with your freezer insurance over the phone or even other tasks unrelated – we’re here to help. And we have our UK based friendly call centre too!

any age appliance

We do not discriminate on the age of the appliance, if you have a 10-year-old freezer in good working order – you can insure it with us.

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