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Your cooker is the appliance that gets the meal cooking done, so it’s one of the most used appliances in the kitchen. This means they can break often and are expensive and in demand. That’s why you’ll want reliable insurers who will be able to repair or replace your cooker whether its a single electric cooker or if its a big range cooker. Check out Zest’s cooker insurance below.

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what’s included in your cooker cover?
  • Unlimited claims
  • No loopholes
  • No age limit reduction
  • No excess or hidden charges
  • Cover any age appliance (in good working order)
  • Accidental damage
  • Breakdown cover

cooker insurance

You may have cooked every night of lockdown last year, or maybe you got takeaways. Regardless of how you’ve eaten over the last year, one thing is for sure: there are some cookers that could do with some care after months of hard use. This is why it’s more important than ever to make sure your cooker in insured by a trustworthy company who will send out the most friendly, reliable engineers for the job. We’ve compiled some of our competitors’ features into a comparison table below, to see how we stack up…

 Here at Zest we go as far as to cover your cooker when it’s been accidentally broken as accidental damage can often be the worst. and breakdowns which are often to do with age or condition. You can claim for unlimited amounts of claims, and still all the while we charge no excess or hidden fees! We know that cookers can break down easily especially large ones with lots of parts like a range cooker. It could be producing sparks,  it could fail to heat up all of the heating elements and lots more issues could go wrong. This is why Zest policies are centred around the smooth running of your home and what we can do to achieve that, whether it’s a repair, replacement, some advice, whatever we can do.


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no loopholes

You won’t have to pay any sneaky charges or worry about any hidden loopholes with Zest. You know exactly what you’re paying for accidental damage insurance on your cooker, and we’re totally transparent when it’s time to renew.

friendly helpdesk

 Our helpdesk can help you with your cooker insurance over the phone or even other tasks unrelated – we’re here to help. And we have our UK based friendly call centre too!

any age appliance

We do not discriminate on the age of the appliance, if you have a 10-year-old cooker in good working order – you can insure it with us.

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