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Our fix-it team is made up of our official Zest engineers, who offer some of the best service out there, but in the event they're not available, we'll make sure we only ever send out an approved repairer to ensure you always get the best service possible. Scroll down to read what our customers think!

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what's special about our repairs?


We aim to be with you within 48 hours, often though, we can get to you on the same day as the call! You shouldn’t have to wait so long to get your key domestic appliances and home technology up and running again.


We also know that sometimes it’s not about speed. If you need a specific time or day, we’ll do everything we can to work around your schedule. Do more of what you’d like to be doing!


We ensure our engineers are personable and friendly. We are here to help you and get your appliance up and running as smoothly as possible, so you can go back to your life as quickly as possible.

about Zest Repair.

Zest Repair is our paid repair service that can be paid for on a Fixed Price Rate or Pay-As-You-Go. If you don’t have insurance and your item breaks, it can be a nightmare sourcing a repairer and can waste a lot of your valuable time. It can also be a whole new struggle when your engineer is rude, late, or intrusive. Our fix-it team engineers are trained to be as fast, friendly, and flexible as possible, and when there isn’t a member of our fix-it team available, we’ll only ever send out a Zest approved engineer.

We’re proud to say our engineers aim to get to you as quickly as possible. We can also be flexible and work to your schedule, and you’ll be pleased to know our Zest Certified engineers are friendly and approachable to all of our customers. These three goals ensure Zest Repair gives you the best service possible. Have a read of our fix-it philosophy below.



items we’ll repair.


brands we’ll repair.**


what do our customers think?

request a repair callback.

We can call you if you’d like. If you think your machine is broken, we have a series of checks to do to make sure it’s a fault that requires an engineer, and not something we can talk you through on the phone. It may be that your fridge is Icing up, or your filter is blocked and we can help you sort it quicker than an engineer callout. If none of these are the case, we’ll check what time is most suitable for you, and get an engineer right on the job.

How long does a call out take?

We aim to be with you within 48 hours of setting up the repair, but if you’re particularly busy, you can set up a preferred date and we can meet you then!

What are the call out fees?

We’ve got repairs sorted. Our fix-it team will handle it and won’t charge for call outs, parts or repairs.

Can I arrange evening call outs?

Yes! If the evening is easier for you, just let us know.

Can I have some more information on repairs?

Yes! You can scroll up to see the information on our repair services, or you can get in touch with us here. – Contact Us

Will the price go up if the repair takes longer than anticipated?

No – we get the job done for the price quoted. If however we need to do something else like replace the appliance, there will be a separate quote with the replacement.

What counts as BER?

Beyond Economical Repair is when we cannot fix an item without losing money. In these cases we would find a replacement for you than spend valuable time and money fixing a dead appliance!

Are your engineers friendly?

Yes! We pride ourselves on our customer service and the speed, friendliness and quality of the jobs our engineers do. We want you to feel comfortable and accommodated by our people!

here are the areas that our Zest Fix It Team cover:

*Some premium brands may only be available in PAYG due to the high cost of parts.

Zest Engineers Illustration