try turning it off & on.

It’s simple but often effective. (if you’re not sure if your appliance can be reset or not, give us a call). Some appliances need a reset, so it is definitely the first thing you should check before you call us.To ensure we cover all eventualities when you call us, we are thorough with our questions.

is it level/stable? 

Often a shaking appliance can be worrying. It can also be an easy fix though. Very often it’s because it’s not stable on the ground. It could also be that the feet of the appliance need adjusting, and this can stop the shaking and wobbling. If this persists, it is most likely a fault, so give us a call.

request a repair.

Our fix-it team are very knowledgeable, they can help you out. Or, if you know the part you need or the fault you have, the engineers can work out the most efficient steps forward towards a happy home. We aim to be fast, flexible, and friendly on the job, putting our customers’ experience first.

request a replacement.

 If your broken appliance is beyond repair, requesting a replacement is easy with Zest. You need to request a callback, leaving some detail about your situation. Then, an advisor will get back to you to discuss suitable replacements for your appliance. We’ll source one that’s right for you, and one that’s available in a short time.

make a claim.

 Last but not least, you can make a claim if your item is unfixable. We have no loopholes items and you can make a claim on items whatever their condition. We do well with our claims team in making sure people get adequate compensation, fast. Give us a call on the free number 0800 8888 666, ask for claims, and we’ll sort it before you know it.