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A different solution for all the technology in your home. Join our exclusive members' club with no fees, and get access to premium care for the technology you love, and the complementary benefits below, without any commitment. Welcome to zest.home membership.

why zest.home membership?

Zest.home membership is your brilliant friend who always knows what to do. We’ve all got one, that bulletproof mate you trust. They just get it, and you know they’ll sort you out with some practical advice and support. Well, that’s Zest.  The home insurance industry isn’t exactly loved. Zest is going to change all of that. Firstly, with a bit of empathy; we’re talking about people’s homes here! Home is the centre of everything for all of us. When it’s running smoothly it’s all rosy, but when an important accessory goes down a day can quickly turn bad. The point is, it’s not just about what’s in your home, it’s the effect it has on your life. Our customers need to feel that we understand.

We’re going to use that empathy to provide you as a member something really powerful, whether it’s through valuable, curated content in your newsletter, a free phone line available for more than just tech support, or 2 free years of our leading cover. Whether it’s the flexibility of our repair service, or how we brighten a day with each call, we aim to be honest, human warm, capable and understanding: Everything you want in that special friend.

member benefits.

first benefit: the zest.life newsletter

We believe we put more effort into knowing our members than any of our competitors. This is because knowing our members is at the core of providing great service. Because of this huge effort and care, we can curate relevant and valuable content for our members twice a year into our zest.life newsletter.

We provide appliance and tech articles, offers from upcoming affiliates and best buys, sudokus, and crosswords, news, cartoons, jokes, exclusive interviews, and more. Watch out bi-annually for our zest.life newsletter coming through your letterbox!

second benefit: zest.start

When you buy a new appliance or item of home technology, your zest.membership will offer you FULL zest.protect cover for 2 years from the date of purchase, if you register your item with us. That means your item is covered with zest.protect at no cost to you, for a whole 2 years!

zest.protect is our leading domestic appliances and home technology cover, covering any age make or model appliance, with absolutely no loopholes, and your appliance won’t depreciate! As a member, you could access 2 years of this service at no cost to you.

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third benefit: zest.kitchendrawer

As a zest.home member,  we’ll use the information we have with you to ensure your home environment stays running as smoothly as can be. We know your appliances’ well-being is just another thing you need to think about, so let us give you that peace of mind. 

Let us know what make, age, and model your appliances are, the policies on them, etc. and we can ensure you’re swiftly notified when you need to pay a renewal, or if there’s something you missed from your provider – zest.kitchendrawer will make sure you’re always fully informed.

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fourth benefit: zest.concierge

As a zest.home member, you don’t have to worry about all the menial logistics of keeping your home running smoothly. When an appliance breaks down it can sometimes take days or weeks to research the right one and get a good price and to find time to go out to get it.

With zest.concierge, none of this is an issue. Call us, let us know what’s broken down and what appliance you had before, and we’ll not only find a suitable upgrade from your broken appliance, but we will find the best price, order it in, and will even install it for you if you’d like.

That’s zest.concierge – no faffing.

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fifth benefit: zest.help

zest.help is our friendly team of advisors on standby for members’ needs 24/7. If we don’t know the answer to your query, we’ll find it out. Call us about a broken appliance, about your policy, you could even ask us how to work a piece of software. Anything you need as a zest.home member we’re more than happy to help you out with, at absolutely no cost.

Just give us a call on your free zest.line (0800 888 6666) to get through to our helpdesk.

experience all the above benefits when you sign up for a zest.home membership!

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Appliance & Tech Cover

no such thing as a free lunch.


You may wonder why the zest.home membership has no fees, and whether there’s some sort of catch. There isn’t a catch, it’s because we want you to experience some of our fantastic free benefits before you decide to use one of our paid services. Many of our members will prefer to try before they buy, so we want to follow suit and give you the same opportunity. Along with discounted access to our paid services…



discounted access to our paid services.

On top of all the benefits above, as a zest.home member, you’ll get discounted access to our paid services too. This includes discounts to fixed price repairs with zest.repair, and zest.protect, our popular domestic appliance and home technology cover. Find out more below.


zest.protect is our leading domestic appliance and home technology cover. We pride ourselves on our fantastic cover, we have no loopholes, we’ll cover any appliance no matter the make or model, and with us, your items won’t depreciate.

As a zest.home member, you’ll receive discounted access to zest.protect, letting you keep everything under one roof for even less. To take advantage of these amazing benefits, get in touch now, and become a zest.home member.

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zest.repair is the service our super fix-it team delivers. We take lots of pride in our engineers because of how flexible they are, always looking to work around your schedule. They’re friendly and look to brighten our members’ day, and we look to be on the scene and have it fixed within 48 hours.

you’ll get access to zest.repair discounted fixed repair rates once you sign up for a zest.home membership.

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